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After making a point of watching the movie Arrival last night, and in reference to the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis that was mentioned in it, I found myself Googling the following phrases…

Can human brains experience non-linear time?

Can human brains rewire themselves to experience time non-linearly?

(Note: I also Googled to double check if non-linearly is a word. Answer: It is)

And after scanning over a few articles on the subject, my curiosity in another matter got the better of me. I wondered, what have I actually Googled lately? I thought such searches might prove to be a good insight into the random and inquisitive nature of an INFJ and what rubbish/treasures go through my head from time to time. And it was an interesting read, enough I thought, to warrant a blog post.

So here we are, the following is a shortlist of 30+ Google searches made on my smartphone over the course of the last month. Note that this doesn’t include Google searches made on the Mac (which I’m on far more often). Nor does it include the searches that were done in ‘Private Mode’. I think I must have been looking for a gift…


Where possible I’ve included the answer or link I was looking for and/or a note as to why I decided to search for that particular thing (to give an idea to my thought processes at the time).

Date: 23/4

‘Religion mental illness study’

Note: During a discussion on work about the current Middle East conflicts, refugee crisis and I recalled reading about a study where is was posited that religious extremism could be a form of mental illness.

Link: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/mind-guest-blog/how-do-you-distinguish-between-religious-fervor-and-mental-illness/

Date: 23/4

‘Asian guy looking at small paper’

Note: This was in response to an INFJ friend’s post enquiring about people’s ‘sexual résumés’. I recall seeing the below image a few times and thought it the best response for my own experience.

Date: 23/4


Note: After seeing a post from a friend showing a cut section of a meteorite that is made of Pallasite. Quite fascinating and beautiful (and expensive as a secondary Google search also showed).

Date: 22/4

‘Nihilist death fairytale’

Note: My response to an INFJ friend posting ‘Fairytales don’t always have a happy ending do they?’

Date: 22/4

‘Pale blue dot high resolution’

Note: Looking for a picture to accompany a Facebook post for #earthday as I was wanting to share the powerful words from Carl Sagan’s ‘A Vision of the Human Future in Space’

Link: http://www.misterp.ink/carl-sagan-pale-blue-dot/

Date: 21/4

‘British prime minister odds’

‘Jeremy Corbyn mbti’

Note: I recall searching for this while I was in the bath about 5.45am after my early morning run. Probably due to the recent news of a snap election. Turns out Jeremy Corbyn shows traits of an INTP. And odds were 17/2 at the time, now  7/1. And no, I haven’t had a punt.

Date: 17/4

‘Red Dwarf season 5’

I had this on TV in the background (reruns on Dave), and wondering what year it was, as the cast looked rather young. Surprised that it was 1991… 26 years ago. Pretty sure the 1990s were only a decade ago (and that got me thinking about the nature of time again).

Date: 17/4

‘Tired of drowning in my own thoughts quote’

Note: Memories surfacing, lot of thoughts, feeling frustrated. Looking for quotes that resonate.

Date 17/4

‘Frustration quotes’

‘Stagnant quotes’

‘Feeling alone quote’

Note: Must be my time of the month

Date: 17/4

‘One person whom you will never forget quote’.

Note: In my many moments of quiet contemplation my mind usually goes here.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/RebelSolivagant/posts/1967857706767921 

Date: 16/04

‘AI won’t succeed until we solve consciousness.’

Note: A result of having read a book on Elon Musk and also the epic 38,000 Wait But Why post on Neuralink from Tim Urban. P.S. Best blog on the internet in my opinion.

Link: http://waitbutwhy.com/2017/04/neuralink.html

Other mind enhancing/bending WaitButWhy posts that you might enjoy that I loved reading (set aside an hour or three to read each one):



Date: 16/4

‘Transtemporal phenomenal consciousness in a block universe’

Note: I have a fascination with the nature of reality, space, time and its relationship to consciousness, and sense of self/personal identity. The above search was the result of reading articles a while back on how consciousness relates to time. Also how both time and consciousness are seemingly immaterial and as such, how it is possible for them to exist in a seemingly material world (although that in itself is up for debate). The first link I found below is a great read on how consciousness could be a force that scans over the block universe (space-time is a ‘block universe’ where the past, present and future all exist together) and thus gives us the illusion of the passage of time.

Link 1: http://philsci-archive.pitt.edu/5073/1/Transtemporal_Phenomenal_Consciousness.pdf

Link 2: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2932870/Is-future-decided-New-theory-time-suggests-past-present-future-exist-universe.html

Date: 16/04

‘Singularity and consciousness’

Note: Can’t recall exactly the precursor for this one, but it is somewhat of a recurring theme in my thoughts.

Link: http://www.consciousentities.com/2017/04/consciousness-in-the-singularity/

Date: 15/4

‘Next Space X Launch’

Note: Seemed a while since they sent something up, the last one being their ground breaking reflight of a used first stage booster on 30th March 2017. Looks like the next one is due in a few days on 30th April at 1100-1300 GMT (7:00-9:00 a.m. EDT) from LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

I think one of my future Google searches will be for the date of the first Falcon Heavy flight (still TBD), and possible flights to the States to watch it in person.

SES-10 Mission | Falcon 9 First Stage Landing

Date: 14/4

‘Origin of the word goodbye’

Note: Came from a brief discussion on how little we know about the origins of language and meanings of specific words. Seems it is a shortened version of ‘God be with ye’. And from that I deduced that the phrase Bye-Bye literally translates as ‘Be with ye, Be with ye’. Think of that next time you say your farewells.

Date: 14/4

‘Origin of Ta-ta’

Note: Secondary search after Googling Bye origin. Ta-ta, and Tara being British ways of saying bye- bye.

Date: 14/4


Note: Mum watching NCIS, and me catching a bit about Sarin gas. Got me wondering what Sarin is and the effects it has. Beware: Don’t anger an INFJ.

Date: 14/4

‘The deep voice gas’

Note: After the sarin thing I was wondering about deep voice gas I recall hearing about on QI (best program on TV in my opinion). The gas in question is Sulfur Hexafluoride…

Date: 13/4

‘Salacious definition’

Note: Yep. In one of those moods.

Date: 13/4

‘Log cabin Scotland holidays’

Note: Part of my retirement/holiday plans, having a place in the remote highlands of Scotland to retreat to. Had an urge to see what was out there and ended up having a browser through a fair few on Airbnb. Just a few of them below…

Date: 13/4

‘Shape that fits in a round, square and triangular hole’

Note: No, not a sexual or phallic thing. Twas the result of an INFJ friend posting about feeling like a square peg in a round hole and wondering if others felt the same. I remembered hearing this on QI and was trying to recall the name of said object. Answer: Reuleaux Triangle

Date: 9/4

‘If brains were simple enough to understand quote’

Note: Result of an INFJ friend asking others what they knew about fractals, and some of my comments were as follows…

 I don’t know. Once I start on fractals, I’ll just go on, and on, and on, and on, and on… ad infinitum 
Perhaps ‘God’ is a mathematician (or the universe is mathematical and repeating in nature) given that fractal patterns exist all around us. Could lead to the conclusion that we live in a computer simulation or that nature is a hologram (each part is representative of the whole). Or the same at all scales… i.e. Universe is within us as well as outside of us. Reminds me of the Guinness advert featuring Louis Armstrong track come to think of it.

 Frightening thing is that the brain perhaps holds all the secrets of the universe. We just can’t access it.

*Googles ‘If brains were simple enough to understand quote’. Result…

Date: 9/4

‘Scale of universe’

Note: Can’t recall why I searched for this, perhaps the result of previous conversation on fractals. Either way, it reminded me of a great animation that shows the scale of the universe from the extremely small to the unimaginably large, and weirdly, we are positioned roughly in the middle.

Date: 9/4

‘Fractal Gregg Braden book’

Note: Again referring to the friend asking about Fractals, I recalled a book by Gregg Braden. Not one I’ve read but I have read another of his which I enjoyed called ‘The Divine Matrix’

Date: 9/4

‘Golden ratio fractals’

Note: Seems to be a pattern developing here

Date: 9/4

‘Eye cosmos cell split’

Note: And again

Date: 9/4

‘French mathematical fractal’

Note: And yet again. Like I said earlier, once I start I have trouble stopping. And no, that’s not a sexual thing either… although *ponders*

The result of this search that I was looking for was Benoit B. Mandelbrot who coined the word Fractal and the came up with the Mandelbrot set (a particular set of complex numbers which has a highly convoluted fractal boundary when plotted).

Date: 8/4

‘Philosopher king vs democracy

Note: This search came after seeing something on benign dictatorships and wondering whether it would be better to have this as opposed to a democracy. The Philosopher King being Plato’s idea of the best form of benign dictatorship government.

Link 1: https://aeon.co/videos/why-plato-believed-that-philosopher-kings-not-democracy-should-run-the-state

Link 2:  http://www.academia.edu/22445383/Marcus_Aurelius_-The_Epitome_of_the_Philosopher_King

Date: 4/4

‘Woman changing man meme’

Note: Talking with a friend (yes, another INFJ) dealing with judgemental asshats who feel the need to change us, to fit their preconceived ideas of how we should be. I recalled a cartoon I saw a while back which I shared with her. Took a bit to find…

Date: 4/4

‘You should shave’

Note: Same kind of thing as above, but more my response…

Date: 29/3

‘My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard meaning.’

Note: I must have heard this again somewhere (most probably in my head) and decided I’d best find out exactly what it meant. I had an inkling but wanted to confirm. Turns out it can mean a few things, all kind of related…

Definition 1: ‘Basically, the “milkshake” stands for the woman’s sex appeal’

Definition 2: ‘The word milkshake refers to handjobs. That’s why it’s called a “milk” “shake”’

Definition 3: ‘boobs are filled with milk, so she means her boobs jiggling brings all the boys to her’

Link: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=My%20Milkshake%20Brings%20All%20the%20Boys%20to%20the%20Yard

Date 29/3

*Private Browsing Mode*

Date: 29/3

‘Herman Hesse trees are sanctuaries quote’

Note: Saw a quote posted by a friend (ENTP this time) and wanted to find out a little more about its origin (especially as I have a thing for trees, roots and birds). Ended up finding the full text and creating a blog post to share…

Link: http://www.misterp.ink/home-is-within-you-or-home-is-nowhere-at-all/

Date 27/3

‘Carbonite definition’

After reading about its usage on The Empire Strikes Back I was wondering if it’s based on a real material/chemical. Answer: it is a real material, but the version in the movie is fictional,

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbonite

Date 26/3

‘What would it look like on earth without an atmosphere?’
Note: Random thought after reading about recent exoplanet discoveries in the news (most notably this one). Turns out it would be similar to being on the moon – no atmosphere to scatter light so would see the night sky and stars and sun would cast definitive shadows.

Link: https://www.quora.com/What-would-earth-and-the-heavens-look-like-without-an-atmosphere


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