Hi, thanks for visiting and welcome to MisterP.ink,

Originally set up as a personal health and fitness blog, this site originally chartered my journey from being almost 17 stone/borderline diabetic to a healthier and fitter 12st individual. Since then I’ve been up and down slightly (since it seems a helluva lot harder to maintain the weight than to actually lose it)… but I am back and aiming to reestablish a consistent, healthy lifestyle and that was partly the reason for restarting this blog.

However, since I have many varied interests and passions, as well as being a single, INFJ, hard of hearing dad of two… I thought I would change the theme of the blog to cover a more diverse range of material. So in effect, I’ll be posting random things on these topics as well as musings on creative and design pursuits (I currently work as a Senior Graphic Designer for Out of This World Ltd).

So in effect, this blog will become more like my digital journal or diary, a medium that allows me to ramble, to vent, to muse, to express random thoughts, to post reviews (books, movies, fitness and technology), continue with the health and fitness titbits, design and marketing insights, INFJ/MBTI musings and delving into the highs and lows of being a single father of two… plus anything else that happens to spring to mind.

My thinking is that it will help me in a few different ways. It will push me to develop my writing, to actively find things to post about, to look and see my surroundings better. It will enable me to develop the aspects of my life that I treasure and enjoy… To see the bigger picture, the intricate details and how they all tie together… To help me grow, understand and develop. A recording of the path of my journey.

I hope you come along for the ride and, if you are a fellow INFJ, share your own thoughts and observations.

Kindest regards,

Daniel Pinkney
(aka MisterPink)


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