Coming soon. The Ejaculations of Mister Pink…

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ell not soon, more a work in progress (I’ll explain a little later on). But first a little backstory…

A few years ago a very good friend of mine, Adam Nucci, who has a design/illustration background (and a penchant for knocking up random memes, cartoons and designs), sent me the below image, based upon his knowledge and perception of me. Given the fact he is also an INFJ, he was more or less spot on. So much so, that it helped inspire both the name and design style for this site.


The Extraordinary Mister Pink by Adam Nucci

Although I originally set up this site to chart and record my health and fitness journey (I’ve had a lifetime battle with food and weight), I found it hard to continue that route, given that is only one aspect of my life, although still a key one. If I was pursuing a dedicated career as a fitness professional it would be a different matter, but during my journey over the last few years I’ve come to realise I’m what you could call a ‘scanner’, that is, someone who has a diverse range of interests and passions who still hasn’t found his true calling. And rather than focus on the search for that one elusive calling, that maybe I should embrace this diversity. As such my personal blog should reflect that (hence postings on fitness, design, MBTI/INFJ and philosophical meanderings). Even though as an INFJ personality type I will always be geared towards a life of searching for meaning and purpose, I think by exploring and catering to all my passions, I may stumble across my calling somewhere along the path.

Anyway I digress… back to the the ‘Ejaculations’ thing – Ever since Adam sent me the image above I’ve always had it in mind for a book cover, but I’ve never been quite sure what to write about. After a recent discussion with a couple of other INFJ/P friends (another hobby of mine is collecting them) I kind of have have an idea…

Rather than a book on one particular topic I’m thinking of one that involves some short stories (hence the ‘ejaculations’ title  – the below video explains it best). Perhaps some philosophical/science stories in a similar vein to the Outer Limits or The Jaunt (by Stephen King) with some raunchy romance stories thrown in (step aside Mr Grey, Mister Pink is here). It might not come to anything, but I’ve been inspired to write more of late and perhaps a book is one way to help focus those efforts.

The Ejaculations of Dr Watson…


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