My night dreams, my day mares…

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You are…

My endless enigma.
My light, my dark
My strength, my weakness
My peace, my chaos
My surety, my uncertainty.

My beautiful paradox.
My source, my mirror
My outer world, my inner depths
My wings, my roots
My noise, my quiet.

You are…

My constant conflict.
My mind, my heart
My restless anxiety, my calming influence
My instant, my eternal
My potion, my poison.

My exquisite contradiction.
My black, my white
My sanity, my madness
My night dreams, my day mares
My reason, my absurdity.

And yet for all these, there remains inside me a timeless and unflinching truth…

My one certainty.

My reality…

My love for you.

You are…

My torrents, my stillness.
My fears, my solace
My left, my right
My up, my down
My forwards, my backwards
My muse, my inspiration.

You are…

My everything.

You are at once both the quiet and the confusion of my heart ~ Franz Kafka


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