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he above picture taken in 2007. Between then and October 2011 my weight fluctuated between 231 and 217lbs. Work and family commitments, comfortable home living, lack of exercise and sweet snacks/takeaways all contributed to keeping the weight on. After my fiance split with me in October 2011, I could have went one of two ways. I decided that for the benefit of my kids and my health (had been warned by the doctor that I was at risk of developing diabetes) that this was the impetus to change my life around.

Initially I embarked on the Commando Diet and while I wouldn’t recommend it being ideal from a nutritional point of view, the fact that it enabled me to lose 10lbs in a week gave me added motivation to continue. As for the typical daily diet I was having Fruit and Fibre or eggs on wholemeal toast for breakfast, a Met-Rx shake for lunch and a dinner/tea that was protein rich – usually a chicken curry, chicken and veg, steak and eggs or similar. This was the norm for 2-3 months until I started to learn more about super foods, better nutrition and eating habits and also introducing supplements. I find it’s not so much sticking to a ‘diet’ but having a complete change of lifestyle that can be maintained. I’ve never really been one for fad diets such as Weight Watchers and the like as although they do help people lose weight, afterwards they tend to go back to their old habits. Learning to eat healthily, in moderation and having the odd treat I feel is the best way to maintain a permanent healthy weight

After about 6 weeks I’d lost a stone and and a half and decided then to start running to shed the fat quicker. I used the RunKeeper app on my iPhone to track the runs to keep me motivated and challenged. Less than a month of running and I managed to run a half marathon and by the three month mark I’d managed to lose 2lbs short of 3 stone.

Before and after pictures to follow in next blog post…


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