Together We Will Live Forever

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ell not quite, but having recently hearing Clive Mansell’s score of the same name from The Fountain, I’ve had a an urge to watch the movie again. Although it divides opinion (putting it mildly), it remains one of my top films – not only for its metaphysical subject matter and the many ways in which it can be interpreted, but for the profound experience imparted by it.

Whilst waiting for the DVD to arrive (I’ve mislaid the original!), I thought back to other movies I’ve enjoyed over the years and then had the idea of listing my favourite movies in a post – along with others that I have heard good things about, but have yet to see. Thinking I can use this post to reference and tick them off as I go.

I also thought that fellow INFJs may well be into the same subject matter I enjoy (metaphysics, philosophy, nature of reality etc) and as such may be intrigued by some of the movies. Btw, would love to hear what your favourite movies are, so I can add any I haven’t seen (or have seen but forgotten) to the list.

Movies watched…

Movies to watch…


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