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WeareDisturbed Website | Kickstarter Campaign

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or all the positive comments and feedback I’ve had off the back of this project idea, there have been a couple of negative ones… And as usual my thoughts are being drawn to those (why do we do that?!). So this is a post in a safe sanctuary to let off a mild rant whilst also introducing you a little to the motivations behind the project.

I’ve been involved in enough discussions in online threads, groups, debates and so forth to realise that many times nothing is resolved, no minds are changed and if people don’t ‘get’ you or your idea/ideals, then no amount of explanation, discussion or coercion will change that. And as result I’ve pretty much pulled away from engaging these days. “You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to” as it is said. Btw according to many of the personality tests I took a few years back, when I was far more active online, I was 100% introverted (or very close to). God only knows what that makes me now.

Anyway, I digress. The negative comments centre around 1. The ‘disturbed’ moniker being associated with mental illness and tying that in with INFJ and 2. Something to do with INFJ/Introverts having their own ways of obtaining solitude and therefore these signs are just pointless way to try and make a quick buck (plus it serves to put up further ‘barriers’ INFJs and Introverts just don’t need).

My thoughts and responses to those is yes, it is a possible way of making a little extra money, I don’t deny that at all. I am a single father of two and a creative with an entrepreneurial spirit – so if I have a business idea my natural inclination is to explore it, pursue it and to see where it goes. In the process I learn new things, develop my skillset and grow a little more. So even if the project fails, I win. I learn.

As for INFJs/introverts having their own ways of obtaining peace and solitude, I wholeheartedly agree. But for me personally these Do Not Disturb signs are not meant as a serious way of obtaining solitude and shutting out the outside world… it’s more a fun, self-deprecating look at the darker, conflicted, contradictory, light hearted, humorous nature of INFJs and making others aware of it. Every personality has their negative side but if we can make people aware of this and bring a fun element to it at the same time, I think that has to be a good thing? I’ve already found them a good tool at work to foster discussion on MBTI and personality theory which I found gratifying – they actually serve to remove barriers rather than create them.

The part about implicating INFJs as ‘disturbed’ mentally. Mmm, I can understand how that connection is derived but we can be disturbed in other ways – about the state of the world, materialism, the fact that we live in an extroverted society and so forth. Not to mention the (Do Not Disturb) nature of the project. That comment actually got me writing the below, not as a direct response, but to highlight that disturbed shouldn’t automatically have the negative, ‘mental disability’ connection to which the original commenter implied…

Why #wearedisturbed…

#wearedisturbed. Why? We are introverts living in an extroverted world, a world that constantly strives to coax us out of our shells. To be bold, expressive, outgoing, social, and engaging. A world that in turn belittles the valuable role of an introvert and their quiet, thoughtful, introspective and rich inner lives. #wearedisturbed that loud is regarded as strong and quiet (and vulnerability), as weak. #wearedisturbed by forced interactions. Disturbed by the fact we are seen as having something wrong with us when we choose to stay at home, escape parties and avoid social engagements. #wearedisturbed by our own contradictions and paradoxes. Of wanting to be noticed but not the centre of attention. Of being understanding, empathetic, listening and yet intensely stubborn. Of rebelling yet wanting to be be accepted. Of appearing cold, apathetic and distant when our hearts say so much more. #wearedisturbed by our need for both intimacy and solitude. By the lack of deep conversation… on love, life, philosophy, who we are, where we are going, the universe, time, and nature. Disturbed by the lack of loyalty, of commitment, and the lack of compassion around us. #wearedisturbed by our dislike of labels, whilst paradoxically feeling a sense of belonging to certain ones. Disturbed that in an increasing connected world we find more divisiveness, rather than less. #wearedisturbed by a materialistic society, where status and income reign supreme. And character becomes secondary. Disturbed by the fact we are beholden to this system with a desire to break free. #wearedisturbed at the atrocities committed by humanity, yet at the same time we feel love and compassion towards our fellow human beings. Disturbed by judgemental, ill-informed opinions and displays of close-mindedness. By conformity. By gender roles where men are encouraged to ‘man up’, and repress their sensitive, emotional sides. #wearedisturbed by the absurdity of life. By the whispers of our souls, and the chaos of our minds. Yes, #wearedisturbed.

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